Lubricor’s stamping and drawing compounds are available in Neat Oil type (LUBRIDRAW) and water soluble type (AQUADRAW). Forming products are typically application specific.


Our LUBRIDRAW 2200-Series of engineered neat stamping and drawing products are based on a balanced approach to lubricity utilizing natural and synthetic esters, friction modifiers, non-chlorinated extreme pressure agents and anti-oxidants. These products have high film strength, viscosity adjusted for application, superior lubricity packages for extended tool or die life, and they provide excellent corrosion protection. Our newest products are based on non-chlorinated extreme pressure additives. Typical applications include fine blanking, punching, forming, cold heading and others. Light duty applications are usually formed with vanishing oils. Lubricor Inc. also offers a unique water miscible synthetic vanishing oil that can be water diluted for cost effectiveness. Cold heading lubricants typically require neat oils for extended tool and die life. Our products have a unique additive for reduced built-up edge formation.


Aquadraw 6200-Series are either “oil” based or synthetic. The oil based products are engineered with natural esters (vegetable oils) and a balanced package of other lubricity additives including extreme pressure agents. These products have high film strength and provide good corrosion protection. They have excellent emulsion properties to allow for good wetting of metals. The heaviest duty product can be diluted up to 20:1 with water for lighter applications.

AQUADRAW 6254 of stamping lubes is the latest version and is non-petroleum oil containing but has chlorinated EP for those applications where chlorinated EP is required in order to achieve extended die or tool life. It has proven to do the toughest of jobs, and can be used at a wide range of dilutions. A non-chlorinated version is also available, AQUADRAW 6254CF.

Some applications can be performed with synthetic type stamping compounds with non-chlorinated lubricity additives. These products can be diluted with water up to 10:1. They stay “wet” after drying.

Our AQUADRAW 6500-Series uses unique interactive chemistry to deliver superior die life with bio-stability for recirculating systems. A neo-synthetic version has also proven to provide even better results in die life and finish including toughness of application.

Synthetic Vanishing Oil, light to medium duty – with non-chlorinated lubricity additives can be used where vanishing oils were typically used and eliminates the VOC problem with mineral spirits normally found in vanishing oils. These can be cut back with water up to 10:1.