Lubricor’s rust preventives are based on the most current formulations utilizing a balanced approach to providing the correct film structure to meet the specific application and its requirements.

The product program is based on following types of chemistries:

Oil based with thixotropic film characteristics engineered to protect ferrous metals. It is available with different viscosities to meet provide excellent salt spray and humidity cabinet protection. Can be used for overseas shipping.

Oil based with greasy film and is typically applied hot.

Dewatering fluids with waxy/oily film. These fluids contain some solvent for producing a tougher thicker film after evaporation.

Water extendable, oil soluble rust protective product that provides excellent in-plant and outdoor rust protection. Leaves an oily, tough film.

Synthetic corrosion protective used as received and typically gives up to 6 months indoor storage protection. Leaves a non-staining, dry film. Suitable in the rinse stage of a two or three stage washer.