HYDROSOL 5035 Series, are our latest technology semi-synthetic coolant concentrates.

HYDROSOL 5035 was specifically engineered for machining of all types of metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous including cast iron, steels, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum. It’s a universal product, one fluid can be used for the entire shop.

Underneath its unique chemistry HYDROSOL 5035 delivers all the prerequisite demands of high performance coolants such as being ultra-stable without odors, safe to use, operator friendly, has great bio-stability, and excellent rust protection. It’s designed with the ecosystem in mind, has low foaming characteristics, long life, is clean running and has great oil rejection capabilities yielding lower consumption rates and allowing for more reuse. There are several versions of HYDROSOL 5035 designed for various levels of application from easier to the toughest.

HYDROSOL 5035, has developed an excellent track record in the industry proving to be highly competitive in this demanding market place. In addition, HYDROSOL 5035 products meet the new California VOC regulation. Not only passing the criteria but they are rated as “Super Compliant”.

The HYDROSOL 5035 series of coolants includes special versions for applications requiring additional extreme pressure additives, chlorine free versions as well as a low oil versions for certain ferrous applications.