Neat cutting oils are application specific. Our full, performance based product line of neat cutting oils are engineered for grinding and machining of various types of metals. We specialize in value-added products for honing, grinding, gear hobbing, drilling, gun-drilling, broaching, tapping and threading, flute grinding and more. Our emphasis is on non-chlorinated additive technology as well as ester (natural or synthetic) based products for even more enhanced productivity through better tool life and parts finish. Our focus always is also on the health & safety of the operator – to provide a healthier environment for the worker.

Many of our products meet the specifications for many end users such as Schaeffler Group, Siemens, Bosch, John Deere, etc.

The key to the success of these products is a balanced package of additives to enhance lubricity, extreme pressure needs, friction modifiers, antioxidants and demisting agents and in many cases they are application specific.